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    Tell Internet users about yourself. Who you are, what you do. Communicate!


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    An effective online business tool. Pitch your products and sell!

    Online Marketing

    Get familiar with your customers. Find out what they need. Personalize

Technologically advanced solutions

The behavior of website visitors and the World-Wide-Web are constantly evolving. Modern websites have to not only meet the standards of functionality and usability, but also for design originality. They need to reflect the fact that websites are used differently on desktops than on touch-based devices; such as tablets or smartphones. Websites should help visitors reach the purpose of their visit by providing them with targeted, personalized content and an intuitive navigation. All this to offer the visitors a positive, fulfilling experience to make them come back for more.

CK Fischer

Get ahead with a competitive website. 76% of buyers do an Internet research before they make a purchase.
10% of people buy online at least once per week.

Deliver information to visitors promptly and easily.

Správu obsahu nechte asistentce

Your content manager doesn’t have to be tech savvy

With Kentico, managing content is done intuitively and logistically. Tailored to the website’s structure, the content off all webpages are organized in a ‘tree hierarchy’ – reflecting the website’s sitemap. This way finding and updating a webpage is a matter of seconds.

A strict separation of content and design prevents the website from breaking

WWebsite layouts and designs are based on easily customizable templates. Content managers can rest easy knowing the customizable templates will prevent the website’s structure from being damaged during modification.

Jedna administrace

One intuitive interface for all your administration needs

Create and manage all your websites in one location regardless of whether it’s an E-shop, partner portal, community website, or a product microsite.

Manage all your websites with only one tool

Content management can be delegated to more than one editor and still to be able to keep the content publication under control thanks to an adjustable workflow process management.

Our system also backups all webpage previous versions to make a rollback to any of them by the snap of a finger.

Multilingual website versions with no language limitions. Any language version of a website can have its own structure, layout and design.

Připraveno pro vyhledávače

Don't be isolated! Be found!

Our platform creates structured metadata and other on-page SEO attributes to easily index your website by search engines.

71% of Internet users consider companies within the top search engine results to be strong and reliable brands.

Having a well-defined website structure, no duplicate webpages, system webpages (404, etc.), a correctly generated sitemap, and robot.txt files all contribute to the effectiveness of a website when being ranked by search engines. The better these components are configured, the better your website’s ranking, which translates to more visitors!

Responzivní web pro všechna zařízení

Responsive design is as easy as it gets

Responsive design makes a website easily accessible and usable on any kinds of devices.

Be ready to deliver your content to anyone, no matter if he uses a desktop, a table or a smartphone.

42% of users surf the Internet on mobile devices.

Responsive templates automatically adjust the design and function of the website according to the device to substantially improve user experience.

Ecommerce store
Reliable ecommerce platform is a part of success.

Expect more from your online store

A custom-made eshop integrated with a bookkeeping system and ERP, logistic system, sales system (CRM), customer-care system (helpdesk) and others, which fully supports both desktop and mobile devices.

An ecommerce system supporting the whole business cycle from marketing, sale, customer care to a customer retention within one platform. A corporate-level solution for a SME price.

A complex modular ecommerce solution with technologically advanced marketing and sale functionalities such as content personalization, lead scoring, marketing automation, contact management, detailed analytics and much more

The platform offers a large scale of features including many product types, product options and variants, different types of discounts, bundled products and multiple currencies. Give your online store your own Amazon-style smartness.


Marketing in the digital world
Get to know your visitors and give them what they need..

Správu obsahu nechte asistentce

Contact management

Get a 360-degree view of all your visitors' activities such as ecommerce purchases, visited webpages, downloaded documents, viewed videos and many others.

Integrated with complementary services such as Data.com and Big Data systems that can precisely target marketing campaigns to achieve an above-the-range conversion rate.

Based on the retrieved information you can divide your website's visitors to segmentation groups for content personalization or targeted email newsletters.





Provide your website's visitors with content relevant to their interests.

Website and email content can be modified to meet all kinds of factors and attributes including age, gender, location, viewed webpages, downloaded files, purchased products, time, technical factors such as a type of a web browser or a device and many more.

Personalization rules are easily defined right from the administration UI with no need for any programming.

Marketingová automatizace

Marketing automation

Easily define and manage automated processes using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Let the system handle all the mundane work so that you can take care of your customers.

Marketing automation can be used for scenarios such as lead nurturing, buyer guidance, complex marketing campaigns and engagement of existing clients.

Email marketing

Email marketing

Send out personalized messages to generate qualified leads - either ad hoc or repeatedly. Use templates created specifically for email messages or simply re-use content already published on your website.

It's cheaper to retain a customer than acquire one.

The Kentico platform provides thorough statistics on how many people opened their email and clicked on the links inside. Also, you can set up different versions of an email message and A/B test their performance.

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